Cabin kids and Cadets

We present a new area for our youngest sailors to navigate.

It is 2019 and we are beginning to commemorate the fact that five centuries ago, 239 men aboard five carracks set sail from Seville with the intention of seeking a westward route to the Spice Islands in Indonesia. Three years later, 18 bedraggled sailors arrived in the same port, having completed the first voyage around the globe, and with this, demonstrating that the earth is spherical. To celebrate this event, we offer you the chance to sail with us using materials that will help you to quickly climb the ladder from Cabin Kids and Cadets to Commanders and Captains. Hoist the sails and weigh anchors! Begin the adventure of making a voyage around our own world!

We start by setting sail to this website created by navigators from Miguel Pinilla de Almansa School.

Our ‘Educational Compasses’ are navigation materials designed to allow ship captains to train their ‘Cabin Kids and Cadets’ in this epic achievement.

Materials devised especially to enable schools, teachers and instructors to embark on an adventure with our navigators.