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 The Commemoration of the V Centenary of the first round the world is everyone's business and, therefore, we want you to participate in the journey and join our trip to complete a live, open and multidisciplinary program of activities that will increase since our beginnings in 2018 until 2022, in homage to the years that the Magallanes-Elcano expedition lasted, from the time it was signed until it was completed. A story that unified the world and therefore this commemoration is a plural framework of cooperation and encounter:

If you have a project, send it to us.

Proposals must be submitted through the form that appears on this page (below). The following aspects will be evaluated for the inclusion of a project in the program of activities:

  • The relevance of the event.
  • The originality, rigor and cultural interest of his contribution to the purposes of the commemoration.
  • The expected national and international impact.
  • The degree of development and concretion in its planning, which should allow the precise evaluation of its possibilities of realization.
  • A viable financing plan, taking into account that the National Commission does not grant financial aid or facilitate financing.

The projects will be evaluated periodically and the term will be open while the commemoration is. If your activity does not fit the inclusion criteria, you can request logo usey se valorará su autorización.

You can contact the secretariat of the National Commission in the mail

Project proposal (form)

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The following will not be evaluated:

Projects for which information is incomplete or clearly insufficient.

Projects which clearly deviate from the plans and programmes of the commemoration.

Projects for which funding is not sufficiently ensured.

Approval of the project entails mandatory use of the logo for the commemoration.